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About SoundTrec Boston:

Boston is home to a thriving community of renowned and up-and-coming musical professionals.
SoundtRec Boston is here to take your musical vision to the next level — providing you with New England’s best and finest musicians to produce and deliver any style & genre to meet your projects’ demands.


We assemble all kinds of ensembles to record for your projects. Orchestra, choir, rock band, big band, soloists and more at the best studios around the Boston area!


We compose, arrange, orchestrate, lyric writing and even do sound design for your needs.


Mixing and mastering service with world class engineers provided. In addition to those, we can help create a high-quality MIDI mockup.

Voice Over

Voice over for your anime, games, films and anything you need in multiple languages.

Yeaaaa our choir sounds spectacular in the game! Super happy to work on this amazing soundtrack. https://t.co/EKH0j6OLj5
about 6 days ago | @soundtrec


4 days ago


Another anime we worked on is getting a lot of hype! Pretty coooooooool
www.youtube.com/watch?v=uipcsm9IKoQ【2019年1月よりTVアニメ放送開始!】 小説投稿サイト「小説家になろう」にてPV数3億を突破し、現在、MFブックスで刊行されているアネコユサギの人気ノベル『盾の勇者の成り上がり』がついにTVアニメ化! 【キャスト】 岩....
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